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Endless hours on the treadmill are the way of the past… try this 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) treadmill workout to achieve ultimate results!

  • 2 minutes – warm up (comfortable walk/light jog)
  • 8 minutes – 15 seconds sprint (fast pace) : 45 seconds jog (light pace)
  • 10 minutes – steady jog (light pace)
  • 8 minutes – 1 minute sprint (fast pace, but not as fast as previous sprint) : 1 minute jog (light pace)
  • 2 minutes – cool down (comfortable walk)

* If this is a bit too intense for you (it is tough!) switch the sprints to a jog and the jogs to a walk.

Don’t have access to a treadmill? No need to worry, this can easily be done in the fresh outdoors!

The only thing holding you back from looking and feeling your best is YOU! Time to drag out your trainers and get started!

Good luck and keep me posted on your progress!

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