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A common misconception of many people who are starting an exercise programme is that the best way to lose weight is to do extended periods of cardiovascular work and no resistance training.

Resistance training and interval training are essential to weight loss, especially if you want to keep the weight off for good!

Resistance exercise helps increase your metabolism both during and after your exercise session, and if this routine is followed regularly your resting metabolism will also increase (which means faster weight loss!)

I know a lot of women worry about getting big, bulky muscles from resistance training, but increasing your metabolism in lean tissue will result in a loss of fat on your body. A good thing to keep in mind – 1lb of muscle takes up about the size of a golf ball, but 1lb of fat is about the size of a block of butter! Which would you rather have?

It is a popular belief that doing low intensity cardio exercise in the ‘fat burning zone’ is the best way to lose weight. But much research and experience show that interval training is a much more effective method to reducing body fat and losing weight.

interval versus low intensity

  • Low intensity cardio – raises metabolism for up to 2 hours after exercise
  • Interval cardio – raises metabolism to an significant 6-8 hours after exercise

Did you know that 1lb of body fat burns 2 calories per day and 1lb of muscle burns 50 calories per day? So now that you know the most efficient way to exercise, what are you waiting for?

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