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In July, one of my closest friends and I were asked if we wanted to do a 10km obstacle course run, which was the Major Series Event in September. We both had a few sleepless nights when deciding whether to do this event but agreed in the end to do it together and were from that day forward fully committed to it and started our training to make sure we were fit and ready for the day.

A little bit sweaty but feeling amazing after our longest training run, 7 miles!
A little bit sweaty but feeling amazing after our longest training run, 7 miles!
Attempting some rope pulls at the's tougher than it looks!
Attempting some rope pulls at the gym…it’s tougher than it looks!

We figured if we were going to put ourselves through this we’d need some sort of motivation, so what better motivation than raising money for two charities that were close to us and those around us. Our first charity was Macmillan Cancer Support which I’m sure most of you know is an amazing charity that offers support to those diagnosed with cancer and to their loved ones. The other charity we chose to fundraise for is The Infertility Network (UK) who offer advice and support to those affected by infertility or related conditions.

After weeks of running in the rain and countless amounts of jump squats and press ups we were feeling great and ready to face the race!

All smiles and ready to go!

Throughout the 10km run we faced 20 obstacles which ranged from crawling in the mud under barbed wire, climbing over a series of vaults (that were made for horses!) and my favourite, the ‘refreshing’ crawl through a pool filled with ice!

We did it!
We did it!

While we found some of the obstacles very challenging we were so proud of ourselves to cross the finish line. Yes, covered in mud…but we earned every bit of that mud!

muddy girls after a big run
A little bit muddy but couldn’t be more proud of ourselves! (and Katie’s testing the metal to see if it’s real!) :)

We set ourselves a goal to raise a total of £200 (£100 to each charity) but with the overwhelming generosity of my clients, our friends and family we were able to raise £647! And to make it even better, my friend’s employer (I used to work there as well) kindly offered to match our total donation amount, so in the end we raised £1,295! (£420 to Infertility UK and £875 to Macmillan Cancer Support).

Thank you everyone for all of your encouragement and support!!

Total Raised = £1,295

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